Go Old School to Stand Out in the Digital World

June 27, 2019
Go Old School to Stand Out in the Digital World

Relationship building hasn’t changed much over the years. Some of the tools we used to make connections generations ago are still viable today. An old school approach could actually help you stand out in a digital world. See which of these tried-and-true tactics can help you strengthen relationships with your clients.

Meet face to face: Regular in-person meetings can go a long way toward fostering connections and helping you understand clients’ challenges.

Pick up the phone: Get a client’s attention by calling to chat. Hearing a voice on the other end of the line can help build a connection in a way that texting, email and social media may not.

Learn about your clients: Keep track of details like anniversaries, birthdays and family anecdotes, then bring them up in conversation. This can show clients that you care and you’re invested in their success. Knowing more about your clients makes it easier to recommend the right products.

Take clients to lunch: Build bonds over a shared meal. A lunch date doesn’t take extra time out of your day and allows you to connect outside of your business relationship.

Send a handwritten note. Clients will notice a handwritten letter or card — and appreciate the time you spent sending it.


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Go Old School to Stand Out
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