Cell Phone Video Tips

June 1, 2021
Cell Phone Video Tips

When is a video message a good idea?

To follow up after a meeting:

  • Share your enthusiasm for the meeting and thank clients for their time.
  • Recap the discussion in two to three key points.
  • Go over your action items and next steps.
  • Remind clients of their action items.
  • Let them know you’re available to help.

To introduce yourself and request a meeting:

  • Let potential clients know who you are.
  • Give the reason for your video. Describe a problem you can solve.
  • Request a follow-up. For example, you can say, “Call me to discuss our services” or “Let me buy you lunch to talk about our products.”
  • Thank them for their time.

To respond to an inquiry:

  • Introduce yourself and give a brief answer to the question or request.
  • Thank them for the opportunity to talk about doing business together.
  • Request a follow-up. For example, say, “Give me a call and let me know how I can help.”

Follow these guidelines to create simple, clear and meaningful videos

General Tips

  • Keep it brief. Aim for a 1-minute video. Don’t shoot for longer than 2 minutes, because you may lose your audience. Respect the viewer’s time by keeping it short.
  • Keep it real. If you mess up, you can start over – or not. These videos are an informal way to communicate, so imperfections can be a good thing. Remember, you want to sound authentic and sincere.
  • Focus on key points. Before shooting, jot down a few points that you want to cover. Use these as your notes, but not as a script. Talk like you would in person – using words you’d actually say – but avoid rambling.
  • Grab their interest. Mention something you know the client is interested in, such as a hometown sporting or news event. Avoid topics that may be controversial or divisive.
  • Do a little research. Check with your back office or distributor about products and services you’re allowed to mention.
  • Address a single person. Create videos for one-to-one situations — not for multiple recipients. And don’t mention or include third-party individuals.

Shooting Tips

  • Shoot horizontally. For iPhones, make sure the “home” button is on the right side when held horizontally, so the footage will be right side up.
  • Keep the light on you. Make sure your main source of light is behind your camera. For example, position yourself in front of a window, with the camera facing into the room toward you. Avoid back or side lighting.
  • Quiet on the set. Shoot in a quiet space and manage the background noise, if possible. Turn off or mute other devices.
  • Keep it steady. If holding your phone makes your image blurry or jumpy, use a simple tripod or rest your phone on a solid surface.
  • Get close. For the clearest sound, position your phone as close to yourself as possible.
  • Do a test video. After you’ve chosen a spot, shoot a few seconds of video. Then play it back to check the lighting, sound and background.

Sending Tips

  • Review the video one more time before sending it by email or text.


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Cell Phone Video Tips


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