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Benefits of Fixed Annuities

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Find our top sales ideas for producers and consumers on fixed and index annuities, tax deferral, virtual selling, and building your customer base.


Top 5 Sales Ideas

What is the Cost of Waiting? 

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Fixed Annuity 

Losing Money With Taxable Investments? 

Dealing With the Rising Price of Health Care? 

The Importance of a Beneficiary Review  (For Producers Only)

Virtual Selling

6 Tips to Up Your Game in Virtual Meetings 

Cell Phone Video Tips  (For Producers Only)

Digital Relationship Building  (For Producers Only)

Get Contracts Quickly With DocuSign  (For Producers Only)

Tax Deferral

The Power of Tax Deferral 

Losing Money With Taxable Investments? 

What Is the Cost of Waiting? 

Branching Out to Annuities 

Help Clients Control How Beneficiaries Are Paid  (For Producers Only)

Accumulation and Diversification

Focus on Opportunity 

Annuities. The Right Fit. 

Case Study: Diversification With a Fixed Index Annuity 

Diversify With Fixed Index Annuities  (For Producers Only)

Building Your Customer Base

Annuities for Foreign Nationals 

Connecting With Generation X  (For Producers Only)

Go Old School to Stand Out in the Digital World  (For Producers Only)

Building Your Business. Steps to Success  (For Producers Only)

To Get Meaningful Answers, Ask Great Questions  (For Producers Only)