Advantage Growth Annuity


A Deferred Annuity With a First-Year Bonus and Generous Access to Funds

The Advantage Growth Annuity is a single-premium, deferred annuity offering a 2.00 percent first-year bonus to kick-start interest earnings. The minimum premium requirement is $15,000 and we offer an increased crediting rate for premium of $100,000 or more.

One-Year Rate Guarantee Followed by Competitive Renewal Rates

There is a one-year interest rate guarantee period, which secures the crediting rate for that duration. At the end of the guarantee period, your client benefits from competitive renewal rates based on the current interest-rate environment and current market conditions.  

Choice of Surrender Periods With Flexible Withdrawal Options

Your client will have a choice between a five- or seven-year surrender-charge period. There is also a market value adjustment during the surrender-charge period. The adjustment is based on changes in corporate bond yields and may increase or decrease the annuity’s surrender value. In general, if interest rates have fallen, the adjustment will increase the surrender value; and if interest rates have increased, the adjustment will decrease the surrender value. Any time The Standard waives the surrender-charge, we also waive the market value adjustment. 

This deferred annuity offers a variety of ways for your client to access funds before the end of the surrender-charge period without paying a surrender charge. In addition, there is no window at the end of the surrender-charge period, during which time owners are generally required to make a decision prior to a restart of surrender charges.

Target Clients

The Advantage Growth Annuity is an ideal savings vehicle for those seeking the benefits of a bonus interest rate during the first year and sound access to funds throughout the surrender-charge period. 

This annuity is an excellent way to enhance your client’s retirement-savings plan and can be used to fund 403(b) TSAs, IRAs (Traditional and Roth) and SEPs. (Loans from a 403(b) TSA are not available.) 


Some products and rate guarantee periods available through select distribution only.

Rates may change without notice. Products of Standard Insurance Company. Product features and availability varies by state.

  • 1-Year Rate Guarantee
  • 2.00% First-Year Bonus Included
  • $15,000 to $1,000,000 initial premium (higher amounts may be permitted with prior home-office approval)
  • Additional Premium Accepted in First 90 Days
  • Issue to Age 90
  • 5-Year Surrender-Charge Period (7%, 6%, 5%, 4%, 2%)
  • 7-Year Surrender-Charge Period (7%, 6%, 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%)
  • No Automatic Surrender Reset
  • Surrender-Charge-Free Withdrawal Options
    • 10% Annual Withdrawals (after the first contract year)
    • Payments of Interest Earnings (beginning immediately)
    • Nursing Home Waiver
    • Terminal Condition Waiver
    • Death Benefit
    • Annuitization
    • IRS Required Minimum Distributions*
  • No Annual Contract Fees


* Distributions prior to age 59½ are subject to a 10 percent IRS premature distribution penalty unless an exception applies.

Effective date: 


Crediting Rate

1-year guarantee : 5-year surrender : 2% first-year bonus : MVA during surrender period


Crediting Rate

1-year guarantee : 7-year surrender : 2% first-year bonus : MVA during surrender period

AGA Minimum Fund Guarantee Rate: 1.00% on 87.5% of premium.

Rates may change without notice.