Numerical Examples

Enter your own numbers on these flyers to see how the annuity may grow over the years.

  • Enter rates as a decimal — for example 0.0325 for 3.25% crediting rate or rate cap; or enter .50 for 50% participation rate.
  • You may print the calculated example or save to your desktop.
  • The calculations should work using Adobe Acrobat Reader, but may not calculate on other PDF readers.
  • The Standard is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information you input.

Note: The enhanced FGA and enhanced ISA are not available in CA or NY.
Check with your Broker/Dealer if the enhanced products are available to you.


Enhanced Focused Growth Annuity

Enter your own premium and interest rate to see how your Focused Growth Annuity may grow over the years.

Focused Growth Annuity 3 

Focused Growth Annuity 5 

Focused Growth Annuity 7 

Focused Growth Annuity 10 


Enhanced Index Select Annuity

Enter your own participation rate and rate cap to see how your Index Select Annuity may grow over the years.

Index Select Annuity 5 

Index Select Annuity 7 

Index Select Annuity 10