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Student loan debt is the second largest type of consumer debt — trailing only mortgages. See how it may affect your clients' need for income protection. Help ease their minds with our recently expanded Student Loan Rider.

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Preparing clients for TeleApp interviews can make them more comfortable and speed up the application process. That can help you deliver policies faster! Use these quick tips to help your clients be ready for their interview.

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We paid out $117 million in claims last year. This shows how we come through for customers when it matters most. Share claim examples with your clients to help them understand the benefits of Platinum Advantage.

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Two big reasons to buy Platinum Advantage income protection? The Benefit Increase Rider and Automatic Increase Benefit Rider. Learn how these no-cost riders can protect your clients’ incomes. And enhance yours.

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“I just heard that student loan debt in the United States topped $1.5 trillion. Are you carrying part of that load? Let's talk about a solution to help cover loan payments if you get sick and injured and can't work.”

We’ve made changes to make The Standard’s Platinum Advantage even more competitive. Effective immediately, we’ve increased issue and participation limits for medical and dental occupations. We also upgraded occupation classes for several medical professions.
Provisions designed with doctors in mind and competitive pricing make Platinum Advantage a no-brainer for your physician clients.