Tired of long lag times during the sales and application process? Are you circling back with clients multiple times for information or signatures? Check out three ways to speed up your sales.
Did you know that 53 million Americans provide unpaid care to loved ones today? This statistic — along with uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic — highlights the importance of preparing for the unexpected. During November’s National Family Caregivers Month, help ease client concerns by sharing The Standard’s Family Care Benefit.
A caregiver with an adult daughter and her elderly mother
With millions of Americans providing care to family members, the need for paid caregiving leave is great. Show your clients how The Standard’s Family Care Benefit could help if they need to take time off from work to care for a sick or injured family member.
Did you know that more than one-third of The Standard’s IDI policies are sold to doctors? In fact, we designed our Platinum Advantage income protection insurance with physicians in mind.
Use The Standard’s marketing materials to highlight the importance of income protection for your customers. Or show the features of Platinum Advantage — and how the policy could work for them if they become unable to work due to injury or sickness.
Everyone needs residual income protection. If your clients can work only part time, they’ll still need their full-time incomes. This article highlights three differences between the Basic and Enhanced Residual Disability riders to help you recommend the appropriate rider for your clients.
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Do your clients know how residual income protection could help if they become sick or injured and can only work part time? Choose a post and start sharing on social media.