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We know how to tailor benefits to fit your employees as individuals and your company as a whole.

Life and AD&D

Protection for Loved Ones

A death or a serious accident are life-changing events that require compassionate support.
Disability insurance

Protection for Income

When employees can’t work because they’re sick or injured, disability insurance can help replace their income.
Dental and Vision

Protection for Health

Vision and dental insurance can help your employees of take care of their overall health.
Protection from the unexpected

Protection From the Unexpected

Your employees can buy insurance to help cover costs that health plans don't.
Workplace solutions

Workplace Solutions

We can help you manage employee leave and provide a great benefits experience.

Saving for Retirement

Our strong plans plus tools and education can help your employees get retirement-ready.

Face Behavioral Health Challenges With Confidence

We can help you implement programs that improve employee well-being and engagement.

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Address Behavioral Health Conditions

Learn five stages in the cycle of behavioral health conditions and tangible ways you can help your employees.

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Behavioral Health Webinar

Interested in helping your supervisors respond appropriately when employees need support? Attend our webinar on March 28.

We're People Who Like Helping People

Helping is in our DNA. Whether it's for our customers or our community, we go above and beyond every day.

Caring is a core value

Caring is a core value

The Standard is committed to the communities where our employees live and work across the United States. Last year, we raised $4.4 million to help those in need.

Learn About Workplace Possibilities

Workplace Possibilities Program

We can help your people stay at work or return to work sooner by managing and reducing the causes of disability. Our service combines your programs with specialized ergonomic and vocational expertise.

Are you still on the fence about auto enrollment and auto increases?

68% of Employees Say They Like Auto Features

Auto enrollment. Auto increases. Are you still on the fence about these features? Check out our retirement readiness insights to help you decide.

Support clients with the latest news and resources.

Paid Family Leave

Paid Family Leave laws continue to evolve and change. To stay up to date on developments, visit our blog for the latest PFL news and resources.

We Believe in You

We help our customers move forward every day. See what it means to work with The Standard and how our employees go above and beyond to help you reach your goals.

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Will Peterson

There are not a lot of companies like The Standard that would take the holistic aspect from point A to point Z ... Not only did they take three separate benefit programs and migrate them into one universal bundle product, but they did it in a cost effective manner that also allowed us to start embedding the wellness aspects of it.

Will Peterson, AVP, Human Resources at Phoebe Putney Health System, Inc.

See how we built health and wellness into custom group insurance benefits for Phoebe Putney.

View the Case Study

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Manager Training

Training managers to identify potential health conditions early on can provide employees with stay-at-work support or a smoother return-to-work transition.

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Employee Communication

Struggling with knowing when and how to maintain communication with employees on disability leave? Review these communication tips.

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Dr. Dan Jolivet, practice consultant with The Standard's Workplace PossibilitiesSM program and Terri L. Rhodes, CEO of the Disability Management Employer Coalition, note that how employers choose to understand and address behavioral health conditions can ultimately help to better support employees and also de-stigmatize how these conditions are thought of in the workplace.

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Behavioral health symptoms can escalate to impact performance, but how can employers spot these symptoms ahead of time? Dan Jolivet, Workplace PossibilitiesSM practice consultant at The Standard, and Terri Rhodes, CEO for the Disability Management Employer Coalition, explain.

News Organization:
California Broker

While ringing in the new year, Jeff Smith, Workplace PossibilitiesSM practice consultant at The Standard, advises HR professionals to use their disability carriers as a resource for ADAAA compliance and accommodations, and to consider how a consultant can offer employees a neutral third-party perspective when seeking support in the workplace.

News Organization:
HR Daily Advisor

Dr. Dan Jolivet, Workplace PossibilitiesSM practice consultant at The Standard, and Terri Rhodes, CEO of Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC), highlight ways to bring organizations into 2019 with improvements to their disability management practices, especially when addressing behavioral health conditions in the workplace.

News Organization:
Risk & Insurance

See how behavioral health conditions can impact work performance and play a role in absences, disability leaves and decreased productivity. In order to help address behavioral health conditions effectively, employers should understand and be able to identify the stages in which these illnesses present themselves, and provide tailored support at each stage. Read the article by Terri L. Rhodes, CEO of the Disability Management Employer Coalition, and Dr. Dan Jolivet, Workplace PossibilitiesSM practice consultant for The Standard.


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