Ten Years of Making Workplace Possibilities a Reality

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Brian Kost
Workplace Possibilities Program 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago, we recognized a need to help people get back to work and increase their productivity. We had an idea to further develop our relationships with our customers, by understanding their cultures and internal processes, and build a program that supported each customer and their employees. This led to the creation of the Workplace PossibilitiesSM program.

Today, the Workplace Possibilities program provides a holistic approach to managing employee absence and disability. An expert from our program partners with you to help with return-to-work or stay-at-work interventions, treating each as an independent case to help keep employees on the job or ensure a healthier and faster return to work. For larger groups, a Workplace Possibilities consultant is available on-site, to integrate within an organization, reducing the burden on the HR team by establishing the program and training staff to help in the process.

Since 2008, Workplace Possibilities’ mission to help you achieve better absence and disability outcomes has resulted in more than $31 million in overall benefit cost savings. Through building individual programs that help support employees in their quest to get back to work, we have helped 12,222 employees return to work successfully, while 4,693 employees have benefited from stay-at-work assistance. And we’re not done.

Knowing that the team turned an idea into a program that has helped so many people is a feeling that’s hard to put into words. Well before I joined the team, The Standard was already known as a best-in-class company in helping people get back to work. The Workplace Possibilities program has allowed us to enhance that strength and better provide our customers with improved disability and absence outcomes. Ten years later, we’re happy to be celebrating the anniversary of Workplace Possibilities and the deep customer relationships that have allowed it to succeed.

See for yourself how Workplace Possibilities has strengthened our relationships with customers and helped employees by reading a few of my favorite success stories:

For our customers, thank you for working with our Workplace Possibilities team over the last 10 years! Here’s to the next decade of working together to make a difference for your employees.


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