Meet the Workstation of the Future

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Brian Kost
Meet our newest accommodation: the Altwork Station.

The Workplace PossibilitiesSM team is constantly seeking innovative ways to help people get back to work and increase their productivity. The key to finding these solutions comes from supportive accommodations tailored to each employee's specific needs.

In our pursuit to help employees maintain productivity at work, we are always looking for advanced ergonomic solutions. This search led to a strategic partnership with Altwork, a San Francisco-based technology and engineering startup that creates revolutionary workstation designs. We're proud to announce that Altwork's revolutionary workstations will be available to all Workplace Possibilities customers.

Game-Changing Workstations

The revolutionary design of the Altwork Station allows us to offer employees with health conditions a state-of-the-art accommodation. This is because the Altwork Station offers users four key working positions — stand, sit, recline and zero-gravity — to accommodate employees who are experiencing pain or are in recovery.

Watch a demonstration of the Altwork Station.

Our team has found that the workstation is a helpful solution for employees who have the capacity to return to work, but may have physician-ordered restrictions that limit them from easily doing so. This may include:

  • Periodic sitting or standing needs
  • Needing to elevate their legs when seated
  • The ability to lie down or recline throughout the day

Beyond its usability, the benefits to productivity are clear. Through a customer survey, Altwork found that its workstations increased workable hours 2.4 times when compared with traditional sit-stand desks. As with other accommodations support provided by the Workplace Possibilities program, the workstation can be sent to an employee's home or workplace.

One of the things we're most excited about in regard to the workstation is the ability to help employees' physicians and medical teams understand the return-to-work potential it offers employees. Workplace Possibilities consultants and case managers can present the workstation as an option for physicians who may not think an employee's return to work is possible. One of our main duties is to work with an employee's medical team to understand restrictions and provide solutions. We can demonstrate how the workstation can really help someone come back to work in a supportive way and make a difference.

The Workplace Possibilities program is always on the look-out for innovative ways to provide our customers with improved disability and absence outcomes. Adding the Altwork Station to our accommodations offerings further strengthens our program and provides customers with yet another way to get their employees back to work and increase productivity.