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Strong disability management is good for employers — and employees. With the unemployment rate hovering near 4%, it can also be a way to help you retain talent.

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How can you help an employee who might be experiencing a behavioral health problem? Ask the right questions and don’t lose sight of the human side of managing.
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Sit-stand desks continue to be the accommodation “flavor of the month.” But are they letting people down? There’s an alternative solution that likely doesn't include any new equipment — movement.

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Could improving the way you manage absence and disability help you retain talent? Our new study reveals opportunities for employers.
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When employers hire gig workers, they should find out if any FMLA requirements apply. One factor to consider: Is there a joint employer relationship? Learn about this issue and how it may affect you.
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Assumptions connecting mental illness to violence are inaccurate and hurting employees. Here are a few tips for fighting those assumptions and the stigma around mental illness in the workplace.
Like the interplay between FMLA and ADAAA, the relationship between work comp and ADAAA can be complex.
ADAAA plays in the same space as many other laws, including workers' compensation, but it requires unique handling.
The opioid epidemic can present a unique challenge for employers.
The use and abuse of opioids is rapidly escalating, presenting a unique challenge to employers. How do you address this increasingly common issue even when it’s not easy to see?
Insights from The Standard's survey can help pinpoint improvements for a more comprehensive approach to disability management.
The Standard conducted a survey that examined the link between disability management and employee productivity. What it found was that employers who take a comprehensive approach to disability management can help get employees back to work sooner and help increase their overall productivity.
A comprehensive approach in the workplace can make all the difference.
No matter the industry or company, employees struggling through difficult situations and health conditions are common workplace occurrences. But a comprehensive approach in the workplace can make all the difference.