Relentless Attention To The Details

When you shop for a retirement plan, you need a provider with an eye for detail, or you could find yourself lost in a quagmire of legal and administrative pitfalls.

But what are the differences between a provider who’ll leave you in the swamp and one that will keep your plan on course and out of trouble? How do you choose? Do you go with the biggest brand name? How about the one with the glitzy TV commercial? Maybe the one that costs the least?

There’s A Simple Test. Forget The Obvious Choices And Ask These Questions:

  • Does the provider consider all types of plans and services to meet the needs of my organization and my employees? 
  • Will they help minimize my fiduciary exposure by accepting fiduciary responsibility for investment advisory services? 
  • Will they really simplify my life and minimize the administrative tasks associated with my plan? 
  • Do they support my employees with investment advice and education? 
  • Are they up front about the fees they charge? 

With The Standard, You Can Answer Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes And Yes.

Your plan benefits from our highly experienced plan professionals, a complete plan administration package, quality investment options and advice, and outstanding service.

We’ve been paying attention to the details and delivering excellence to our retirement plan clients since 1932. Let us show you how a partnership with The Standard can help your business.