Personalized Service Makes It Easier for Employees to Save for Retirement

Are you trying to find a better way to help employees save enough for retirement? Explore Mainspring, our managed portfolio service. It’s a personalized service that focuses on both investing and saving.

And we can deliver it at no cost to you or your participants.1

Making It Simple to Save and Invest

Take away the guesswork. A team of professionals manages investment and allocation decisions.

Overcome inertia. As the plan fiduciary, you can elect to automatically enroll employees in the service. We also recommend they adjust their contribution rates to help them meet their retirement goals.2

Stay focused on saving. We can help employees stay on track. Following a disciplined investment plan is critical, especially during situations like volatile markets.



higher annual automatic increase than non-Mainspring plans

*Mainspring plans change in contribution rates from 2014 to 2017 was 2.48% compared to 0.91% for employees in regular auto increase plans with The Standard.


higher participation rate than employees in non-Mainspring plans

*As of Dec. 31, 2017, participation rates in our DC full-service 403(b) and 401(k) plans overall is 69% for Mainspring plans and 54% for non-Mainspring plans.


higher contribution rate than industry average

*As of year-end 2017. 8.74% average contribution rate for participants in plans that offer Mainspring. 7.1% average industry contribution rate (Source: PSCA 61st Annual Survey).


Mainspring Drives Retirement Readiness

With this service, employees get:

Personalized Help
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Mainspring looks at an employee's overall financial situation and provides ongoing account management. The service can include savings outside the retirement plan, and spouse or partner information. This ensures a full look at an employee's retirement readiness status.

Dedicated Support
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Our research shows that employees want expert advice to help them save for the future. With Mainspring, your employees can connect with a team of financial professionals by phone or email.

Online Enrollment
Regular Updates
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Mainspring gives employees quarterly statements that show progress toward their retirement goal.

Talk to your plan's advisor to learn more about Mainspring.