File Form 5500

The Department of Labor (DOL) requires that all Form 5500 filings be submitted online. Once you have your PIN and you have heard from us that your documents are ready, you can sign your form electronically.


I Need a PIN   I'm Ready to Sign


How it Works

Step 1: Get a PIN

If you don't have a PIN already, go to the DOL website to register for a "Filing Signer" PIN. You cannot ask someone to get this PIN on your behalf.

Step 2: Wait for Notification

The Standard will email you after we’ve prepared your Form 5500 and post it to a secure website for your review.

Step 3: Review and Sign

When you're ready to sign, log in with the username and password we gave you, then:

  1. View Planbooks
  2. View Plan Details — Select View Forms to display a list of forms
  3. Edit Form Entries (if required)
  4. Select "eFile" and walk through the signing requirements and select "Transmit"
  5. Print Forms for your records
  6. Mark your Planbook as "Finished."

After it's filed, the return will be publicly available on the EFAST2 website.

Status Definitions

After you file Form 5500, the DOL will email you and The Standard with the status of your filing. The Standard will take necessary actions and ask you for additional information if it’s required.

Status Definition Action Required
Unprocessable The DOL is unable to accept the filing because of errors and will assess penalties from the due date of the filing. Correct and resubmit to the DOL.
Processing The DOL is reviewing your return but has not assigned a final status. None.
Filing Stopped The DOL considers the filing to be accepted and "live," but missing information is delaying the process. Sign and resubmit an amended return that corrects the problem.
Filing Error The DOL considers the filing to be accepted and "live," but errors put it in a "deficient" state. Sign and resubmit an amended return that corrects the problem.
Filing Received The DOL has received the filing and noted no errors or omissions. Review the transmission log to determine whether the filing was assigned warnings that need your attention.

A note about amended returns:

Remember to attach all schedules and documents to an amended filing before you sign and send it.


How do I file Form 5558?

If applicable, we’ll file Form 5558 — an application for an extension of time — with the IRS for you and retain a record. Although you’re required to file Form 5500 electronically, you must mail Form 5558.

Why does Form 5500 need to be filed electronically?

The DOL set the requirement to improve the accuracy and speed of filing. This process supports U.S. government e-filing initiatives and ensures that information from Form 5500 is readily available to government agencies that oversee retirement plans.

What is Form 5500-SF?

The Pension Protection Act of 2006 created Form 5500-SF (Short Form Return/Report Small Employee Benefit Plan) for plans with 100 or fewer participants. It’s a simplified version of Form 5500. If your plan is eligible for the 5500-SF, that’s what we will prepare for you. You must also sign and file this form electronically.