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Guiding Your Employees to Retirement Readiness

Your employees have a greater chance of being ready for retirement when you put a well-designed retirement plan in place. Rely on our expertise, so you can focus on other priorities.

Services to Cover All Your Needs
Flexible Plans
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We offer flexible plan design, so you can choose only the services you want and need. You may wish to consult with your advisor about the types of services and level of support you’d like to offer your employees.

Simplified administration
Simplified Administration
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We can take care of certain time-intensive and mandatory administrative tasks, such as sending out required notices. And we include our proprietary Participant Data Management in every plan we offer to keep plans running smoothly. This is how we can help you fulfill your obligations and free up your staff to focus on other priorities.

Reduced fiduciary risk
Less Fiduciary Risk
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It’s important to understand your fiduciary responsibilities and accountabilities. We can help increase your fiduciary protection. You may wish to consult with your advisor about the level of protection that makes the most sense for you.

Are you still on the fence about auto enrollment and auto increases?

68% of Employees Say They Like Auto Features

Auto enrollment. Auto increases. Are you still on the fence about these features? Check out our retirement readiness insights to help you decide.

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Help employees save

Help Employees Save Now

Participant tools and guidance can help employees understand the importance of saving. These resources make it easy for them to take actions to improve their retirement readiness.

Get retirement plan information on demand.

Simple Online Access

Get plan information on demand. Explore our friendly self-service tools for retirement plan sponsors and participants.

Plan Types for a Variety of Talent Needs
Attract employees with a 401(k), profit sharing or money purchase plan.
401(k)s and More

Attract employees with a 401(k), profit sharing or money purchase plan. Each has different contribution and matching options. 

Schools and nonprofits
Public Schools and Nonprofits
Learn About 403(b)s

Public schools, colleges and universities, churches and certain tax-exempt groups may access 403(b) plans.

Learn About 457(b) Plans

Eligible state and local government employees may have access to 457(b) plans. 

Defined benefit plans
Defined Benefit Plans
Learn About Pensions

Encourage retention with a defined benefit plan. It promises participants a monthly amount at retirement based on their earnings and years of service. Employees do not contribute to this type of plan. 

Talk to your advisor or contact us to learn more about retirement solutions from The Standard.