Workplace Possibilities Videos

One of the ways we’re helping employers manage absence and disability in the workplace is with our Workplace PossibilitiesSM program — a unique, proactive approach to keeping employees at work and productive.

A Proactive Whole-Person Approach to Disability

Learn how Workplace Possibilities can help ensure the health and well-being of your employees while maintaining productivity. Watch the video.



See How It Works

By identifying opportunities to keep employees who may be at risk of disability on the job and get those who go out on disability back to work sooner, Workplace Possibilities can help employers realize rapid and measurable reductions in disability-related costs. Watch this video for a program overview.



Our Workplace Possibilities experts — nurses or vocational rehabilitation specialists — partner with employers to help with return to work or stay at work interventions. To learn more about how our Workplace Possibilities experts treat each incident as an independent case and help keep employees on the job or ensure a healthier and earlier return to work, view the video below.

For our larger groups we provide a Workplace Possibilities consultant at the workplace as part of their group disability insurance plan.1 A service that is unique to The Standard, the on-site consultant integrates within an organization to reduce the burden on the HR team by establishing the program and training staff to help in the process.



Ready to Change the Way You Manage Absence and Disability?

Contact your broker or call your local employee benefits sales and service office at 800.633.8575 to learn more about Workplace Possibilities.