Short Term Disability

The Return-to-Work Experts

It might be maternity, injury, depression or another illness. Whatever the diagnosis, our Short Term Disability expertise can make things easier for your employees and your HR team.

With customized solutions that treat the whole person, we try to help employees get back to work as safely and quickly as possible.

A Whole-Person Approach

Workplace PossibilitiesSM plays an important role for customers with our Group Short Term Disability insurance.1 This program looks at the range of factors that can delay an employee’s recovery from a physical — or behavioral — condition.

Clinical, vocational and accommodations experts then coordinate their efforts and tailor a plan to help the individual return to work. They also focus on preventing disability in those still working, giving them the opportunity to stay at work — and receive a full paycheck.

The Right Expertise

Our Workplace Possibilities consultants provide employers with access to local, onsite support.2 Consultants work with employees proactively and coach managers on how to spot employees needing support and refer them to our program.3

They can help ease the burden on HR by working directly with employees, coordinating available benefits. Consultants also help employers with Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act accommodations.4

Success and Support Through the Whole Process

Our approach works:

  • 64% of employees who participated in the program successfully returned to work.5
  • The program helped avoid more than $15 million in direct claim costs and 125,000 lost workdays.5,6

But whatever their outcome, your employees will receive the same integrated support and continuous case management whether they return to work, extend their Short Term Disability or transition to Long Term Disability.

Key Features
Weekly benefit of up to 70% of salary
Proactive, holistic approach to disability
Single contact who assists employees with claims
Personal help for employees to manage health care needs
Up to $25,000 to pay for reasonable worksite accommodation
Workplace Possibilities Program

Workplace Possibilities Program

We can help your people stay at work or return to work sooner by managing and reducing the causes of disability. Our service combines your programs with specialized ergonomic and vocational expertise.

HR Professional

Absence Management Services

Absence Management Services make it easy to track employee leaves like Short Term Disability or Family Medical Leave. We offer expert help to stay in compliance with all state and federal regulations.

All our Short Term Disability plans come with Health Advocacy Select.
Health Advocacy Enhanced
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Health Advocacy Select comes with all Short Term Disability plans through the Standard Insurance Company. This service provides employees who are receiving benefits with access to Personal Health Advocates to help them navigate the health care system. Health Advocacy Enhanced is also offered by Standard Insurance Company and is an optional add-on that gives all your employees access to the service.

You can opt to provide your employees with benefits if they're hospitalized.
Hospital Benefits
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You can opt to provide your employees with benefits if they're hospitalized.

With this optional add-on, The Standard pays your portion of Social Security and Medicare taxes on payments made to disabled employees.
Employer FICA Payment and W-2 Tax Reporting
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With this optional add-on, The Standard pays your portion of Social Security and Medicare taxes on payments made to disabled employees. We'll also prepare W-2 tax forms for the employee.

Group Short Term Disability Plan Details

Salary Replacement: Up to 70 percent for employer-paid plans

Weekly Benefit: Up to $5,000 per week

Duration: Up to 52 weeks

Benefit Waiting Periods: Starting at zero days for accidents and seven for illnesses and pregnancies

Return-to-Work Incentives: Financial support for employees who are ready to come back to their jobs

Coverage Options: Non-occupational or 24-hour

Performance Guarantee: For groups with at least 1,000 insured employees

Reporting: Administrative claims reports available

Clinical and Claim Support Highlights

Clinical Case Management: Clinical touch points where people need them, including for multiple diagnoses and behavioral health claims

Behavioral Health Resources: Behavioral health case managers review claims weekly to identify those who may need assistance

Coordinated Decision-Making: Clinical input on complex claims and all behavioral health claims

Integration: Helps employees follow through with medical providers’ treatment recommendations and referrals to available services, such as the employer's Employee Assistance Program

Strong Support Ratios: Staffing model that gives nurse and vocational case managers ready access to benefit examiners and analysts

Our STD Claim Process

Specialized Support Focused on Easing Return to Work


Infographic of the short term disability claim process


How We Streamline the Process

Fast Track: Claims with a clearly defined recovery and return-to-work period, such as pregnancy, surgery and fractures

Short Duration Track: Claims with a less defined but likely recovery period, such as migraines, some behavioral health claims and back pain


How Many Paychecks Could You Miss?

Need a quick, easy way to explain Short Term Disability insurance to your employees? Here's a video to help them understand how this coverage works.

More Opportunities for Coverage

You can provide Short Term Disability insurance for your employees. You can also offer them the option to increase their coverage at group rates. Consider adding a Short Term Disability plan for buy-up.

Even if you're not providing group insurance, your employees can still take advantage of group rates when buying their own coverage or coverage for their dependents. Consider adding Short Term Disability insurance for purchase.

Explore a different approach to Short Term Disability.

Contact your broker or call your local employee benefits sales and service office at 800.633.8575 to learn more about plans that fit your business.

There are so many ways to offer your employees a strong benefits package.


There are so many ways to offer your employees a strong benefits package.

How can a small business offer comparable employee benefits?


How can a small business offer comparable employee benefits?