Planning for Paid Family Leave

Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML) and Paid Family Leave (PFL) laws are coming into effect across the country. Employers have questions and need answers. We conducted research to better understand the PFML landscape and put these resources together to help you navigate this evolving issue.

Lost Wages

Do not feel “very well prepared” to administer their new state-mandated paid leave program.*

Emergency Room Visits

Expect difficulty managing compliance across multiple leave programs.*


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Are Employers Ready for PFML?

We surveyed more than 450 employers to find out how ready employers to handle PFML requirements. Find out how they responded in the Paid Leave Employer Readiness Study.

Explore the PFML Landscape

Stay up to date on Paid Family Leave developments with these resources.


Interactive Paid Leave Map

Wondering about paid family and medical leave in different states? This interactive map shows where and what kind of PFML laws are in effect or being proposed.

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Prepare for Paid Leave

When it comes to PFML, our disability and absence experts are focused on the details. Learn how they can help you manage employee leaves.