Traditional Plans

Flexible, Affordable Coverage

Find the right dental plan for your company. Our plans can be tailored to meet your workforce's specific needs, helping you find the right balance of comprehensive coverage and affordability.

A Quick Summary of Dental PPO Plans

Optima Care is a highly customizable Preferred Provider Organization plan that offers the greatest choice of claim allowances, deductibles, coinsurance options and plan maximums. Optima Care covers certain procedures with more frequency, requiring less time to elapse between treatments.
Banner Dental Care is a highly customizable, lower-cost alternative to Optima Care. This PPO plan includes the most frequently used dental benefits, spacing out coverage of certain procedures more than Optima Care.

Optional Plan Enhancements

Insured individuals who visit a dentist at least once in the plan year and use a total benefit under the annual threshold (usually less than half of their annual maximum) will receive an increase in their maximum for the next benefit year. This design allows them to save benefits to cover future procedures, potentially reducing out-of-pocket expenses.1
This benefit works like Max Builder to reward insured individuals who visit the dentist yearly but use a total benefit under the annual threshold. Even better, with Max Builder Flex, those who qualify can use a portion of the annual benefit carry-over to increase annual benefits for Vision2 contact lenses or frames, as well as one-time increases in benefits for orthodontia and LASIK Assist.SM
With this option, preventive dental procedures (Type 1) do not count toward an insured individual's annual maximum benefit — saving the full benefit amount for services such as fillings, crowns, bridges, root canals and anesthesia.
With High/Low Care, you can provide two plans in one policy. Employees choose the level of dental insurance they need, picking from two reimbursement levels and premium options.
Help your employees put their best smile forward. This benefit provides coverage for teeth whitening every two years. Employees can choose either in-office laser bleaching or a custom-made tray for applying a whitening gel at home.
Employees receive a benefit, which increases over time, for laser vision correction procedures. The benefit provides a one-time payout per eye for employees and covered dependents age 18 and older.1


 This unique plan design lets your employees use a portion of the shared dental and vision annual maximum towards vision coverage.

PolicyLink Dental + Vision Plan

This unique plan design lets your employees use a portion of the shared dental and vision annual maximum towards vision coverage.

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Hybrid Dental Care

Your employees can have the range of services that traditional dental insurance covers. And they can have them at competitive rates.

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Dental HMO

Our Dental HMO offers a lower premium option alongside our PPO plans. HMO advantages include fixed, low out-of-pocket costs, no deductibles and no annual benefit limits.

Choose the Right Plan

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1 Not available with all Group Dental plans.
2 Requires enrollment in a Group Balanced Care VisionSM plan from The Standard and the number of insured individuals must match the Dental plan.