Dental HMO

Because Dental Plans Should Fit More Than One Budget

Most employees want a choice of Dental plans. Our Group Dental insurance lets you offer multiple options, so employees can select coverage that fits their lifestyle and budget.

We’ve expanded these options even further with new a Dental Health Maintenance Organization insurance plan.1,2 Now you can offer a Dental HMO with our Dental Preferred Provider Organization plan, giving employees the freedom to purchase one of the two.3

Why Add a Dental HMO?

Including a Dental HMO with your Dental insurance options enables employees to choose a plan that:

  • Pays for most Type 1 diagnostic and preventative procedures at a $0 copay
  • Has no annual deductible, no waiting periods and no annual maximum
  • Let’s them select a dentist when they enroll

Why Offer Our Dental Plans?

One-stop shopping

One-stop shopping for your organization


Our partnership with Ameritas® and LIBERTY Dental Plan® that provides:

  • Plan design and pricing options for:
    • Dental HMO
    • Dental PPO
  • A single bill for Dental PPO and Dental HMO plans
Plan selection

Confidence you've selected a plan that protects your employees — no matter which plan you choose

Dental HMO or Dental PPO: What's the Difference for Employees?


Categories Dental HMO Dental PPO
Basic Differences
  • Defined and fixed member cost share
  • Access to a smaller group of in-network dentists
  • Typically higher out-of-pocket expenses
  • Access to a large network of dental providers
Premiums Typically one-third of a PPO Typically, two-thirds higher than an HMO
Primary Care Dentist
  • Member choice during enrollment
  • Assigned by carrier if not selected at enrollment
  • Must call carrier to switch PCDs
Freedom to choose any dentist
Specialist Referral from PCD required No referral from PCD needed
Network Access In-network only with no out-of-network coverage In- and out-of-network coverage
Cost Share Copayments in specified dollar amounts Percentage of treatment costs
Claim Forms No claim forms to submit Dentist or member submits forms to carrier
Deductibles and Annual Maximums None Varies, depending on carrier
Benefits Covered Diagnostic, preventative, basic and major procedures



What Types of Procedures Are Covered?

Our Dental HMO plan pays for 432 procedures. Take a look at what’s covered on this list of common services.



Procedure Dental HMO Coverage
Brush biopsies? Yes
Cosmetic bleaching? No
General anesthesia? Yes
Implants? Yes, endosteal implants
Sealants? Yes
Adult cleanings? Yes
Oral cancer screenings? No

What Are the Enrollment Requirements for Employers?

You can purchase our Dental HMO when you also buy one of our Dental PPO plans.


Requirements 1 Dental PPO/1 Dental HMO Plan 1 Dental PPO/2 Dental HMO Plans
Minimum eligible 20 eligible employees 25 eligible employees
Minimum enrolled Dental PPO Greater of 5 enrolled employees or 15% Greater of 5 enrolled employees or 15%
Minimum enrolled Dental HMO 2 enrolled employees 2 enrolled employees in each plan
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Expand Your Employees' Dental Options

Want to learn more about offering our Dental HMO? Contact your consultant or local employee benefits sales office at 800.633.8575.

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Traditional Plans

You can tailor our plans to meet your workforce's specific needs, helping you balance comprehensive coverage with affordability.

 This unique plan design lets your employees use a portion of the shared dental and vision annual maximum towards vision coverage.

PolicyLink Dental + Vision Plan

This unique plan design lets your employees use a portion of the shared dental and vision annual maximum towards vision coverage.

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Hybrid Dental Care

Your employees can have the range of services that traditional dental insurance covers. And they can have them at competitive rates.