Critical Illness

Complements Health Insurance

You can help employees prepare for the unexpected costs of a serious illness that's covered by the plan.

A major illness can lead to expenses that medical insurance doesn't pay for. Group Critical Illness insurance provides cash to employees diagnosed with a serious illness.

Gives Employees a Financial Cushion

Employees can use the money for whatever they need during treatment or recovery. They can pay for medical expenses like copays and deductibles. They can also put the money toward living costs like utilities, groceries and child care.

The plan covers employees' children at no extra cost. There are no diagnosis waiting periods or lifetime benefit maximums.

How Critical Illness Insurance Works

1  Your employee is diagnosed.2  We send them a check.3  They focus on getting better.
Health insurance covers many of your employee’s treatment costs, but they still have a lot of expenses they weren’t planning for.With approval of the claim, The Standard will pay benefits directly to your employee. Then they decide how to spend the money.With The Standard helping to cover their out-of-pocket or everyday expenses, your employee can think about what matters most — getting better.
Key Features
Helps pay expenses not covered by medical insurance and pays lump sum to employees
Covers over 20 serious illnesses, plus 21 childhood illnesses
Covers 7 serious illness for New York customers
Guarantee Issue amounts up to $30,000
Can include Health Advocate* service to help employees navigate the healthcare system*
Pays an optional Wellness Screening Benefit — like a cholesterol check, mental health assessment and testing for COVID-19
Critical Illness Plan Options
Select, Enhanced and Premier
Three Benefit Levels
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Choose from three tiers of benefits: Select, Enhanced and Premier. Each level offers increasing payout amounts.

Add coverage providing an additional benefit for a repeat diagnosis.
Recurring Illness Benefit*
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Add coverage providing an additional benefit to employees who receive a repeat diagnosis that returns after a year without treatment.

* Not available in New York.

Your employees have the option to add their spouse.
Choice to Include Spouse
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Your employees have the option to add their spouse.

Employees and covered family members receive an annual cash benefit for participating in a wellness screening each year.
Health Maintenance Screening Benefit
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Pays yearly benefit for covered wellness screenings that can help prevent catastrophic illness by early detection.

Need a quick, easy way to explain Critical Illness insurance to your employees?

Here's a video on how Critical Illness insurance works.


Help your employees prepare for the unexpected.

Contact your insurance advisor to find out more about Critical Illness insurance. You can also call the employee benefits sales and service office for your area at 800.633.8575.