Relatively Speaking (Paid Family Leave)

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Updated August 16, 2019: Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed a new paid family and medical leave law — HB 2005 — on August 9, 2019. Advocates call it the most generous, inclusive state plan to date. See what it will mean for Oregon workers and employers.

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This week Governor Ned Lamont of Connecticut signed the Paid Family and Medical Leave Act. Here are some important dates and information for employers with employees working in Connecticut.
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One gift that most dads in the U.S. did not get on Father’s Day? Paid paternity or family leave. See why new dads don’t take more time off — and why it matters so much. Explore the current state of parental leave and find out where men, women and policies stand on caregiving.

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Check out this webinar about Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave regulatory changes to know what is happening now and what to look for coming soon.
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New Jersey greatly expanded its Family Leave programs — including some big changes that are effective immediately. Get a quick overview, plus steps employers will need to take soon.
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Massachusetts requires employers to notify their current workforce about future Paid Family and Medical Leave benefits by May 31, 2019. You can download the notice now. See what steps to take.
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Wondering how family leave policies can impact LGBTQ employees and their families? Read about the challenges they may face as they care for their loved ones.