Leave Law Interactions

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Leave laws keep getting more complicated. For employers in Massachusetts, that means you can expect to see complex leave interactions now that the state’s paid family and medical leave program is in effect as of Jan. 1, 2021. Here’s what you need to know about integrating PFML with disability and other leaves.

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We found that 60% of employers don't feel very well prepared to administer their new state-mandated paid leave program.* Here are quick insights and resources to help you get ready. Plus, check out our recent PFML webinar for employers.
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As more states pass PFML legislation, employers may want to have one blanket policy that covers all employees. But that could lead to compliance risks because each program has its own nuances. See what’s similar — and what’s not.

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As we all adjust to life during this pandemic, it’s important to know what options are available for workers if they have to be out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic. See a breakdown of changes made to state and federal PFL, PFML and statutory disability laws due to COVID-19.
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Small employers report that paid family and medical leave programs haven’t caused the damage they feared. There’s even evidence of positive outcomes for small businesses.

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This week Governor Ned Lamont of Connecticut signed the Paid Family and Medical Leave Act. Here are some important dates and information for employers with employees working in Connecticut.
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Check out this webinar about Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave regulatory changes to know what is happening now and what to look for coming soon.
Read the top 3 ways PFL impacts employee health care during leave.
Understanding the intersection of PFL and employee health plans can be confusing. Read the top 3 ways PFL impacts employee health care during leave.
Here's an overview of military-related Paid Family Leave to help clear things up.
Mystified by military-related Paid Family Leave? New York's regulations say the least about this category. That can make it the most confusing. The key is knowing how FMLA definitions apply. Here's an overview and chart to clear things up.
Here are the latest guidelines from the state on when the law applies to companies and employees outside New York.

Confused about where out-of-state employers — or employees — fit under New York's Paid Family Leave law? Here are the latest guidelines from the state, along with some helpful examples.