Graphic of the state of Massachusetts with a news alert
Massachusetts requires employers to notify their current workforce about future Paid Family and Medical Leave benefits by May 31, 2019. You can download the notice now. See what steps to take.
Photo of two individuals wrapped in a rainbow flag
Wondering how family leave policies can impact LGBTQ employees and their families? Read about the challenges they may face as they care for their loved ones.
Graphic of Massachusetts with a calendar
Do you have employees in Massachusetts? Important dates are coming for the state's Paid Family and Medical Leave program. Read on for information that can help you prepare.
Graphic of Washington state with the words News Alert

The state of Washington has changed its Paid Family Leave reporting deadline from April to July. See how this affects employer reports and premium payments.

Photo of four people discussing information on a tablet
New developments in state and local legislation are making employers rethink Short Term Disability insurance. Here's a recap on paid leave laws in 2018 and how they're impacting employers' views on STD.
Image of Vermont and New Hampshire with a red news alert
The first big Paid Family Leave move of 2019 has already happened. Gov. Phil Scott of Vermont and Gov. Chris Sununu of New Hampshire have teamed up to propose a new paid leave.
Photo of several people in glasses examining information
Trying to keep track of all the legislative action on Paid Family Leave can make your head spin. Here's a one-stop guide to what’s happening now and what’s on the horizon for 2019. Plus, a look at how political power shifts could favor the push for Paid Family Leave.