Group Vision

Group Vision With a Focus

It is important to us to bring vision products to our customers that truly reflect our dedication to high quality products that are flexible enough to meet the needs of today's diverse workforce. Watch the video to see how employees learn about coverage to keep their eyes healthy and how regular checkups can help to detect other conditions too.

We currently provide three group vision plans which are available on an employer-paid or voluntary basis, and each can be designed to allow employers to balance features and value. Like all of our products and services, our Vision plans are backed by our commitment to excellent customer service.

The Standard's flexible Vision plans allow employers to offer a highly-valued benefit while managing the balance between features and cost.

Available on both an employer-paid and voluntary basis, our Vision plans contain a variety of provisions that will help you save money on vision care services. Each of our plans can be custom-fit to each company and are always backed by our commitment to excellent customer service.

Balanced Care VisionSM Plan I
Employees receive preferred pricing on a variety of vision-care services when they select providers from the VSP® Vision Care nationwide network of doctors.1 Discounts are also available for laser vision surgery.

Balanced Care VisionSM Plan II
This plan provides discounts through EyeMed's national network of vision-care providers. The EyeMed Vision Care Access network includes some of the largest optical retailers in the U.S., including LensCrafters®, Sears Optical®, Target Optical®, JCPenney Optical and most Pearle Vision® locations.

Balanced Care VisionSM Plan III
Our most flexible plan takes the guesswork out of vision care. The benefits are the same for employees no matter which vision-care provider they choose.

PolicyLinkSM Dental + Vision Plan

Designed specifically for small businesses, our PolicyLinkSM Dental + Vision Plan allows you to increase your benefits without significantly increasing your budget. Choose one of The Standard's Dental plans2 and combine it with our cost-effective Balanced Care VisionSM Plan III. If you were previously unable to offer Vision benefits, you may have Vision within your reach due to the potentially lower combined cost and easier administration of both benefits.

A Flexible Approach

Dental and Vision benefits share one plan maximum, with a specific portion allocated to Vision. This enables your employees to take a flexible approach to managing their care, with the option to apply unused Vision benefits towards Dental care.


  • Combined plan maximum
  • Access to one of the largest dental networks in the nation and an unlimited choice of vision providers
  • Single-carrier coverage allows faster claims processing and simpler statements
  • Administration is streamlined: one certificate, one enrollment form, one payroll slot and one bill to manage

Learn more about The Standard's Dental plans.


1 VSP is a registered trademark of Vision Service Plan.

2 Only certain Dental plans can be used for PolicyLink. The Dental portion of this plan must have Type 1, 2 or 3 coverage without limitation (internal max) on Type 3 procedures. Enrollment in the plan requires enrolling in both products. This product is not available with Standard Select or in the state of Washington.