Workplace Possibilities Program

Where Others See Disabilities, We See Possibilities

Imagine the possibilities of a simple pair of foot pedals to promote healthy circulation. Or picture a motorized lift platform – even a riding vacuum cleaner. We’re committed to going above and beyond to empower people to work.

Our Workplace PossibilitiesSM program is changing the way employers manage absence and disability. This unique, proactive approach helps keep employees at work by addressing and reducing the causes of disability.

The goal is a more productive workplace. And it takes a big burden off the HR team.

On-site Workplace Possibilities Consultant

Only The Standard provides employers with an on-site disability consultant as part of the group disability plan.1 All the employer needs to supply is a workspace with an Internet connection. Services include:

  • Performing ergonomic evaluations
  • Recommending devices that adapt to employees' needs
  • Consulting on accommodations for mental health conditions
  • Training supervisors to facilitate employees staying on the job or returning to work after a disability
  • Identifying light-duty jobs that employees can do while they recover

Reasonable Accommodation Expense Benefit

We're committed to helping people lead productive lives. We will cover an employer's approved expenses, up to $25,000, toward worksite modifications that result in a disabled employee staying at work or returning to work after a disability.

See How We Turn Possibilities Into Reality

Visit the Workplace Possibilities blog for news, success stories, tools and tips directly from our consultants. You can also take a virtual tour of our Workplace Possibilities Center and see examples of worksite modifications that can help employees remain on the job and return to work sooner after a disability.


1 For groups with 1,000 employees or more. For smaller groups, ask about our regional disability specialists.