Health Advocacy Solution

Anyone who has ever tried to understand a health plan, set up an appointment with a specialist or decipher a hospital bill knows how challenging these tasks can be.

Employers share this burden when frustrated employees consume valuable work hours trying to manage their healthcare needs or turn to their human resources departments for help. To help employees and employers cope with healthcare headaches, The Standard offers the Health Advocacy Solution.

Provided through a partnership with Health AdvocateTM, a leading healthcare advocacy and assistance company, the Health Advocacy Solution provides Personal Health Advocates to help employees and their covered family members manage their healthcare needs. Typically registered nurses, Personal Health Advocates understand the healthcare system and can help resolve a full range of clinical and administrative healthcare challenges.

The Health Advocacy Solution is available as an add on to The Standard’s group insurance products, including Life, Long Term Disability and Short Term Disability, and as an add-on service to our Absence Management Services.

Clinical Services

A Personal Health Advocate can help members find the clinical help they need and can also assist with coordinating care.

Popular Services

  • Find a doctor or hospital
  • Assist in understanding a complex medical condition
  • Locate and research various treatments for a medical condition
  • Secure second opinions
  • Schedule appointments with hard-to-reach specialists
  • Identify best-in-class medical institutions

Administrative Support

A Personal Health Advocate can help your employees sort out and resolve the mountains of paperwork that are so prevalent in healthcare today. Advocates will work on coverage issues and help members to understand the coding and payment rules that apply to their circumstances.

Popular Services

  • Help resolve insurance claims problems related to paperwork issues
  • Assist in correction of billing errors
  • Provide comparative health cost estimates
  • Negotiate billing and payment arrangements
  • Help explain health plan benefits

Healthcare & Resources

A Personal Health Advocate can provide members with the information and resources they need to become active participants in the management of their own health.

Popular Services

  • Help prepare for visits with healthcare providers
  • Assist in better understanding a serious or chronic condition
  • Answer questions and provide information about medical terms, tests, medications and treatments
  • Assist with eldercare issues, such as researching providers and services
  • Obtain health information to aid informed decision making
  • Help access alternative resources such as community, state or federally funded programs
  • Identify, coordinate and arrange for wellness services
  • Arrange transportation