Group Services

Services That Provide Help To Employees When Needed

Provide your employees with just the right benefits package that may include these comprehensive, value-add services from The Standard:

Available for Group Disability insurance:

Available for Group Life insurance:

Available for Group Disability or Group Life insurance:

Put our focused expertise, compassion and commitment to work in your benefits package.


* These services are offered in collaboration with unaffiliated vendor partners. The Employee Assistance Program and the Life Services Toolkit are provided through an arrangement with Bensinger, DuPont & Associates. Travel Assistance services are provided through an arrangement with UnitedHealthcare Global, a medical, safety and security solutions provider. Health Advocacy services are provided through an arrangement with Health AdvocateTM, a leading health assistance and support company. The Employee Assistance Program, the Life Services Toolkit, Travel Assistance, and the Health Advocacy Solution are not available in New York.