Group Dental

Keep Your Employees Smiling

For 30 years, The Standard has provided Group Dental insurance that helps employers minimize costs without sacrificing high-quality care. We offer flexible employer- and employee-paid plans that make it easy for you to choose coverage that balances affordability and quality care for your employees.

Strong Nationwide Dental Network

We rely on the Ameritas dental network – one of the largest in the nation. By visiting a dentist in the network, where available, members can often reduce their out-of-pocket expenses for dental procedures.

Easy Plan Implementation

Plan implementation and enrollment is fast and simple. All you need to do is provide us with a census, file feed or enrollment form – and we'll do the rest. We can also provide complete COBRA administration to help alleviate administrative burdens.

Local Service Model

At The Standard, we believe that customer service is much more than a nice-to-have. That's why our representatives in our field offices throughout the nation are available to help you when you need it.

Performance Guarantee: For dental groups with more than 100 lives, we will refund 5 percent of the previous quarter's administrative expenses if we don't meet your overall service expectations.

Flexible, Affordable Coverage

Find the right dental plan for your company. Our plans can be tailored to meet your workforce's specific needs, helping you find the right balance of comprehensive coverage and affordability.

A Quick Summary Of Our Plans

  • Optima CareSM Dental Plan
    Optima Care is a highly customizable traditional indemnity plan that offers the greatest choice of claim allowances, deductibles, coinsurance options and plan maximums.
  • Banner Dental CareSM Plan
    Banner Dental Care is a comfortable, lower-cost alternative to Optima Care. It includes the most frequently used dental benefits.

Optional Plan Enhancements

  • Max BuilderSM
    Insured individuals who use less than half of their annual maximum receive an increase in their maximum for the next benefit year, allowing them to save benefits to cover future procedures, potentially reducing out-of-pocket expenses.1
  • Max Builder FlexSM
    This benefit works like Max Builder to reward insured individuals who visit the dentist yearly but use less than half of their annual maximum. Even better, with Max Builder Flex, those who qualify can build unlimited Dental benefits and enjoy annual increases in Vision2 benefits for contact lenses or frames, as well as one-time increases in benefits for orthodontia and LASIK AssistSM.
  • Max KeeperSM
    With this option, preventative dental procedures (Type 1) do not count toward an insured individual's annual maximum benefit — saving the full benefit amount for services such as fillings, crowns, bridges, root canals and anesthesia.
  • High/Low CareSM
    With High/Low Care, you can provide two plans in one policy. Employees choose the level of dental insurance they need, picking from two reimbursement levels and premium options.
  • Teeth Whitening Benefit
    Help your employees put their best smile forward. This benefit provides coverage for teeth whitening every two years. Members can choose either in-office laser bleaching or a custom-made tray for applying a whitening gel at home.
  • LASIK AssistSM
    Members receive a benefit, which increases over time, for laser vision correction procedures. The benefit provides a lifetime flat dollar amount per eye for employees and covered dependents age 18 and older.1

PolicyLinkSM Dental + Vision Plan

Designed specifically for small businesses, our PolicyLinkSM Dental + Vision Plan allows you to increase your benefits without significantly increasing your budget. Choose one of The Standard's Dental plans3 and combine it with our cost-effective Balanced Care VisionSM Plan III.

A Flexible Approach

Dental and Vision benefits share one plan maximum, with a specific portion allocated to Vision. This enables your employees to take a flexible approach to managing their care, with the option to apply unused Vision benefits towards Dental care.


  • Combined plan maximum
  • Access to one of the largest dental networks in the nation and an unlimited choice of vision providers
  • Single-carrier coverage allows faster claims processing and simpler statements
  • Administration is streamlined: one certificate, one enrollment form, one payroll slot and one bill to manage

Learn more about Balanced Care Vision Plan III.

Also see our PolicyLink Dental + Vision Plan brochure.


1 Not available with all Group Dental plans.

2 Requires enrollment in a Group Balanced Care VisionSM plan from The Standard and the number of insured individuals must match the Dental plan.

3 Only certain Dental plans can be used for PolicyLink. The Dental portion of this plan must have Type 1, 2 or 3 coverage without limitation (internal max) on Type 3 procedures. Enrollment in the plan requires enrolling in both products. This product is not available with Standard Select or in the state of Washington.