Disability Claims Philosophy

Meeting The Needs Of Employers And Employees

At The Standard, our group disability claims philosophy is simple: for each and every claim, we strive to do what's right - for our policyholders and their employees. The Standard's values and practices help ensure that we serve the needs of all of our customers.

We deliver on our promises. Insurance is only as good as the promise behind it. At its core, disability insurance is a promise to pay benefits when disabled employees need financial support because they are unable to work. When insured employees qualify for disability benefits, we educate them about their role and responsibilities or receiving benefits so that they know what to expect at every stage of the process.

We help people get back to work. Most people want to lead full and productive lives. We focus on helping disabled employees return to work as soon as medically advisable. Our caring teams of claims management experts begin working as soon as a claim is received to help maximize the employee's chances of a successful return to work.

We provide more than income replacement. Coping with a disability is one of the most traumatic experiences most people will face. That's why we offer emotional support, not just income replacement. Our supportive benefits staff treats disabled employees with empathy and respect and offers practical guidance.

We are responsive, ethical and fair. Our claims management teams operate with the highest ethical standards to make fair and objective decisions. We carefully evaluate and double-check every claim to ensure our determinations are appropriate before paying valid claims or denying those not covered by an employer's policy.