Stay Compliant With Leave Laws

Following local, state and federal rules for employee leaves and accommodations can be tough. How do you keep up with strict tracking requirements? What do you do when one employee is out on several types of leave at the same time?

Even if you have a human resources team, the task is difficult. But not staying on top of the regulations might bring risk and legal liability to your company.

76% of the workforce


said their workforce has included an employee with a disabling condition.

Connecting employees


are unsure how to connect an at-risk employee with assistance.



have little knowledge of how to implement a reasonable accommodation.

Data based on a survey of 300 respondents and conducted September 2014 by a third-party research firm hired by The Standard.

HR Time Burdens and Regulatory Risks

Organizations might also have compliance problems with the Department of Labor, which is conducting more probes and fining employers who don’t satisfy requirements.

How do HR teams with little time handle the increasing workload? How do employers and professionals minimize exposure to risk?


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Very collaborative, very transparent, very forthcoming. They're doing the heavy lifting and it takes the burden off of us.

HR Decision Maker, 5,000+ Employees, Government, taken from customer research conducted by The Standard in 2017

Take the Complexity and Hassle Out of Absence Management

Discover how our holistic approach to managing leave lets you focus on your employees and business.

More Help for HR Teams and Less Risk for Employers

Working with a carrier who can track and manage your leave compliance makes a lot of sense. With the right expertise, a provider can help you manage risk, remain on top of the latest requirements and free up time for your HR team.

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How Can Absence Management Services Pay Off?
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A Single Contact Simplifies the Process
Find out how having your own absence expert can make managing employee leave easier.
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FMLA Compliance Clarified
This easy-to-follow graphic walks you through the key FMLA actions the law requires.
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Simplifying Employee Leaves

We take on the burden of understanding leave compliance and managing employee recovery so you can focus on your organization's core mission.

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Absence Management Services

Absence Management Services make it easy to track employee leaves like Short Term Disability or Family Medical Leave. We offer expert help to stay in compliance with all state and federal regulations.

Support clients with the latest news and resources.

Paid Family Leave Blog

Paid Family Leave laws continue to evolve and change. To stay up to date on developments, visit our blog for the latest PFL news and resources.

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PFML Insights

PFML laws can be complicated. That makes it hard for employers to manage state-mandated paid leave programs and tackle other related challenges. We’ve put together insights and resources that can help.