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Workplace Possibilities Helps Employees Improve Behavioral Health

CenturyLink delivers hybrid networking, cloud connectivity and security solutions to customers worldwide. A global technology leader, the company has 37,385 employees and a high-performance culture.

Along with growth, CenturyLink experienced rising disability claims related to behavioral health.

For example, long term disability claims for behavioral health conditions exceeded industry benchmarks. And these conditions were one of the top two diagnoses for short term disability claims.

Focusing on Resiliency

To help address these challenges, CenturyLink launched the Employee Resiliency Initiative Project. The company also partnered with The Standard’s Workplace PossibilitiesSM program. The goal was to understand and help address employees’ unique needs.


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We believe that highly engaged, healthy employees help us provide a strong customer experience. Workplace Possibilities provides a natural extension to this philosophy.

Tamara Parker, Senior Benefits Manager, CenturyLink

The Solution

CenturyLink partnered with Workplace Possibilities to develop and launch its Employee Resiliency Initiative Project — following three key steps.

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Uncover Employee Concerns

CenturyLink conducted employee interviews, focus groups, surveys and benefit utilization analyses. That in-depth process uncovered employees’ top concerns, including:

  • Attendance/schedule policies
  • Communication and managerial support
  • Health and wellness information and resources
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Build Resiliency
Address Unique Needs

Based on the evaluation results, CenturyLink developed its Employee Resiliency Initiative — a plan to address employees’ unique needs. It focuses on reducing the incidence rate and duration of behavioral health claims by:

  • Building resiliency and improving wellness
  • Improving communication of health and wellness information and resources
  • Sharing health and wellness information
  • Ensuring employees receive personalized support
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Educate and Train
Help Managers Support Employees

The Standard conducted resiliency training for managers and supervisors so they could better:

  • Respond to and support employees’ wellness
  • Distinguish between performance issues and disabilities
  • Identify services or resources to best support individual employees

The Results*


employees helped


decrease in new LTD claim incidence rate


decrease in new LTD claims for behavioral health




in gross benefit savings

* Internal data compiled by Standard Insurance Company as of July 2019


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