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Behavioral Health in the Workplace

Employee Behavioral Health Is More Important Than Ever

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased behavioral health conditions like depression, substance abuse and anxiety among workers across all ages, industries and positions. More than one in ten employees are suffering from serious mental illness, a significant increase since the pandemic began. It’s crucial that employers understand the effect the pandemic has had on employee behavioral health and the workplace.

To learn about the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on employee behavioral health, The Standard conducted the 2020 Behavioral Health Impact Update, a follow-up to our Behavioral Health Impact Study from 2019. Based on these studies and insights, we’ve created these resources to help employers better understand and respond to employee behavioral health.

The Pandemic's Impact on Employee Behavioral Health

New research from The Standard shows the COVID-19 pandemic is increasing rates of behavioral health issues. Employees are facing historic levels of stress, disruption and uncertainty in the workplace and at home. It’s crucial that employers are providing their employees with the right support.


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COVID-19 Employee Check-In

Besides its effect on many employees’ physical health, the current COVID-19 pandemic has likely increased their stress, making the need to monitor mental health even more urgent.

Here’s an easy-to-print card with three things managers can ask about to see how employees are doing.

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The Pandemic and Educators

Take a closer look into the behavioral health challenges educators are facing during the pandemic and get insights about how they can be supported.

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The Pandemic and Healthcare

Dive deeper into the pandemic's impact on healthcare professionals and how employers can provide support.

Behavioral Health Needs by Generation

Watch our video to understand the mental health needs of Gen Z and Millennial workers — and how The Standard has resources that can help.



Create a Work Culture That Fosters Good Mental Health

Our research showed that overall, employers are providing some benefits and services to address mental health issues. But the study also revealed these resources aren’t enough — and that employees don't feel supported or comfortable asking for help.


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Support for Every Generation

Our research shows that millennials, Generation X and baby boomers experience their mental health and substance abuse challenges differently in the workplace.


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