Financial Strength

For an insurance and asset management company, there is nothing more important than financial strength. We take this responsibility very seriously and back it up with our disciplined business practices, sound investment strategies and unique industry expertise. Because of our strong business mix and capital levels, we at The Standard have maintained our focus on providing excellent customer service while still seeking attractive business opportunities. By approaching our commitments with a long-term perspective, we are able to invest for our customers and for our future.

Our balance sheet is the cornerstone of our financial strength and has provided us with a foundation for profitability through a wide range of economic cycles.

Bond Portfolio

Our bond portfolio is strong. Our strategy is to maintain a diversified portfolio of high quality fixed-maturity securities to keep us well protected if any industry experiences difficulties.

  • Average portfolio credit quality rating of "A-" as measured by Standard & Poor's

Commercial Mortgage Loan Portfolio

Our commercial mortgage loans have consistently provided a superior balance of risk and return. We offer small commercial mortgage loans to borrowers who want a fixed rate over time, and we rigorously underwrite every commercial mortgage loan we make. The quality of our commercial mortgage loans is excellent.

As of Dec. 31, 2016:

  • $6.14 billion portfolio (on approximately 6,300 loans)
  • Average loan size – approximately $0.9 million

The Standard Stands the Test of Time

In the July 2017 issue of Best's Review, Standard Insurance Company was recognized for maintaining an "A" rating or higher from A.M. Best Company since 1928. The Standard was honored to be among one of only 17 life/health insurers to consistently achieve an "A" rating or higher for more than 75 years. Given the rapidly evolving markets, changing customer needs and challenging economic times, this is a significant accomplishment. We are proud of this longstanding track record of financial strength.


StanCorp Financial Group


Assets $28.39 billion

Fixed Maturity Securities

A- or Higher

BBB- to BBB+

BB- to BB+

B+ or Lower

53.6% of cash and investments





Commercial Mortgage Loans

39.5% of cash and investments

Real Estate and Other
Invested Assets

2.6% of cash and investments

Cash and Cash Equivalents

4.3% of cash and investments

Portfolio Yields

Fixed Maturity Securities

Commercial Mortgage



As of Dec. 31, 2016


Standard Insurance Company
Financial Strength Ratings


Standard & Poor's A+ (Strong) 5th of 20 ratings
Moody's A1 (Good) 5th of 21 ratings
A.M. Best* A (Excellent) 3rd of 13 ratings

As of October 2017

* Rating includes The Standard Life Insurance Company of New York.



StanCorp Financial Group, Inc., Long-Term
Senior Debt Ratings

Standard & Poor’s BBB+
Moody’s Baa1
A.M. Best bbb+

As of October 2017