CTA-endorsed Disability and Life Insurance Premium Estimator

The premium rates for CTA-endorsed plans are based on a few variables like how often your benefit deductions are taken out in your school district, your salary for Disability Insurance and your age for Life Insurance. By answering a few simple questions below, you can easily calculate an estimated premium amount for the coverage you would like to elect.

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1 Member Life Insurance coverage amount reduces starting at age 70.

2 The amount of Life Insurance for each dependent including spouse/domestic partner may not exceed 50% of your Life Insurance coverage.

For costs and further details of the coverage, including exclusions, benefit waiting periods, any reductions or limitations and the terms under which the policies may be continued in force, please refer to the Member Enrollment Brochure or contact Standard Insurance Company at 800.522.0406 (TTY).

Standard Insurance Company, 1100 SW Sixth Avenue, Portland, OR 97204

GP190-LTD/S399/CTA.1 GP190-LIFE/S399/CTA.3