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Workplace Possibilities Program

Help Employees Stay at Work or Return Sooner

Learn about our proactive, whole-person approach to disability. Our Workplace Possibilities program can help get employees back to work faster or help them stay on the job.

Change Your Approach, Change Your Outcomes

Get real strategies to improve outcomes for your employees and your business. The Workplace PossibilitiesSM program, included with our Long Term Disability insurance, provides customized solutions to help employees productively stay at work or return to work sooner.1

Discover the Benefits

When employees have custom support, everyone benefits.

Focus on Stay-at-Work Actions

Provide support for employees even before a short-term disability claim is filed. Early intervention can keep employees on the job and earning a full paycheck, and employers can benefit from direct and indirect savings.

Treat the Whole Person

Designated clinical consultants work with employees to examine factors that can delay recovery.2 They coordinate holistic support through a unique plan for each employee.

Count on Designated Clinical Expertise

Get access to a nationwide network of designated clinical consultants and ease the burden on your human resources staff.2 Consultants can work directly with employees by providing case management, conducting workplace assessments and recommending ergonomic equipment. They can also refer them to employer benefits and local programs.

Help Reduce Potential Leaves

Check out this case study to see how The Standard's Workplace PossibilitiesSM program helped the City and County of Denver save $149k by assisting over 100 employees with a physical or behavioral health condition.

Achieve Real Results

The numbers tell the story of our proactive, whole-person approach.


of employees who participated in stay-at-work programs successfully stayed at work.³


of employees who participated in return-to-work programs successfully returned to work.³ The program helped avoid almost $56.8 million in direct claim costs. ³

Video: How Workplace Possibilities Works

Learn or share the basics of our Workplace Possibilities program with this short video.

Are Your Benefits Effective Across Employee Populations?

You might be surprised by what employees facing a disabling illness or injury think about their benefits. This research provides a look into how they feel, what’s hard and what would help.

Explore Absence Management

With the right people, technology and best practices, you can take the complexity and hassle out of managing employee leaves.

Read the Workplace Possibilities Blog

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Ready to Change the Way You Manage Absence and Disability?

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