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While you can’t always plan for the unexpected, your organization can positively impact what may be a challenging time for an employee by ensuring you have the right disability program in place.
For employees fighting cancer, the accommodations and support each employee may need will vary greatly based on his or her unique medical condition, treatment plan and numerous other factors.
An important aspect about presenteeism that many employers aren’t aware of is if an employee’s condition isn’t treated proactively, it could potentially worsen and lead to a disability leave down the line.
Case management, as part of a carrier’s return-to-work program, can be crucial in supporting an employee.
While an employee’s need for a one-off mental health day may be covered by paid sick leave or paid time off, we need to go further not only as a society but as individual employers.
The use and abuse of opioids is a pressing issue in the workplace reaching near-epidemic levels.
Alcohol abuse is a costly issue for employers and more prevalent than one might imagine.
Unlike other medical conditions, determining how long an employee will be absent from work due to his or her cancer diagnosis can be tricky because there are so many unknowns.
Getting employees who have been injured back to work in a way that is safe and helps increase their productivity is extremely important.
Health complications can greatly impact an employee’s ability to work. Some health issues aren’t as apparent and can still limit a person’s ability to focus at work.
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