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The use and abuse of opioids is rapidly escalating, presenting a unique challenge to employers. How do you address this increasingly common issue even when it’s not easy to see?

HR managers have the tough job of balancing two mindsets — treating employees equally day to day and helping employees get individualized accommodations for an injury, illness or mental health condition. Here's how a disability carrier can help make that change in mindset easier.

The Standard conducted a survey that examined the link between disability management and employee productivity. What it found was that employers who take a comprehensive approach to disability management can help get employees back to work sooner and help increase their overall productivity.
No matter the industry or company, employees struggling through difficult situations and health conditions are common workplace occurrences. But a comprehensive approach in the workplace can make all the difference.
Fostering a supportive workplace and creating a culture that’s accepting of employees with behavioral health issues can be the third piece of the disability mindset puzzle. Here are a few ways to create it.
The disability mindset happens when an ill or injured employee becomes focused on his or her disabilities instead of capabilities, which can prevent them from remaining in or rejoining the workforce. Now that we better understand this mindset, let’s dive into how we can help.
More people are fighting for awareness and acceptance of behavioral health conditions. This shift toward awareness and acceptance is a good first step, but how can being supportive of behavioral health conditions be addressed in the workplace?
Although FMLA and ADAAA play in the same space, they are two very separate laws that require unique handling.
These five steps may help ensure your employees are receiving tailored accommodations to fit their individual medical needs and keep them productive in the workplace.
Developing a job description is an important aspect of a company’s approach to disability management.
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