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Read our case study about how the City and County of Denver reduced potential leaves and had significant cost savings with The Standard’s Workplace Possibilities℠ Program.

How do you achieve stay-at-work success when you're managing thousands of employees in more than 100 workplaces? Get the details in our case study.
Read how Regions Hospital, a full-service hospital and Level-1 trauma center, partners with its Workplace Possibilities consultant to better manage employees’ health and well-being.
When implementing the Workplace Possibilities program, employers can do it in a way that fits their unique needs. Learn how engineering firm Terracon found success.
By working with a Workplace Possibilities consultant, you can help to provide a foundation of support your employees can count on as they work toward a full recovery.
In painful and difficult circumstances, an employee may need time to grieve as well as help coordinate the appropriate care before returning to work.
Workplace Possibilities consultants understand the potential setbacks an employee with a comorbid condition could face and can help you address them proactively to encourage an employee’s safe return to work.
For employees fighting cancer, the accommodations and support each employee may need will vary greatly based on his or her unique medical condition, treatment plan and numerous other factors.
Getting employees who have been injured back to work in a way that is safe and helps increase their productivity is extremely important.
Health complications can greatly impact an employee’s ability to work. Some health issues aren’t as apparent and can still limit a person’s ability to focus at work.
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