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Offer a Flexible Vision Plan

Build a vision plan that gives your employees a choice of eye-care providers. With three network options, you can offer a package that lets employees choose the plan that fits their needs. 

Select coverage for exams, glasses and contacts. Or enhance your plan to cover safety glasses and laser vision correction. You can even add a rewards option as part of your vision coverage.   

Make Your Vision Plan Easier

Nationwide Networks

Choose VSP® or EyeMed® networks, or a non-network option with any independent provider or retailer.1

Wellness and Prevention Benefits

Provide coverage for regular eye exams with low copays.

Flexibility and Affordability

Tailor your plan to fit your priorities.

Triple Option Plan Design

Combine VSP, EyeMed and non-network options in one package.

Make Your Job Easier

Local Support

Get support from dedicated local offices staffed with experts in account management. Rely on these professionals to handle all your vision plan needs.

Simple Plan Administration

Implementing our vision plans is fast and simple — and so is plan administration. Online tools make it easy to manage eligibility and billing after setup.

Plan Expertise

Customizable plans help you choose the options and services that best fit your company’s financial and wellness priorities.

How Vision Insurance Works

Learn and share how vision care is an important component of overall wellness with this short video.

Trends & Insights

Gain knowledge on employee benefits news and solutions.

Build a Group Vision Plan That’s Right for Your Company

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