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Short Term Disability

Discover a Better Back–to-Work Experience

Transform the short-term disability leave experience. With customized solutions that treat the whole person, there’s a better way to get employees back to work.

Raise Productivity. Reduce Costs. Improve Outcomes.

Follow our whole-person approach to managing short-term disability leaves. The Workplace PossibilitiesSM program plays an important role for customers with our Short Term Disability insurance.1

Experts on our team look at a range of factors that can delay an employee’s recovery. Then clinical, vocational and accommodations experts collaborate on a return-to-work plan.

This team also assists with accommodations that help employees stay at work.

Ease the burden on your human resources staff. Workplace Possibilities experts coordinate solutions with employees. Onsite support includes the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act, or ADAAA, compliance and coaching to help managers spot employees who need support.2

Group Short Term Disability Plan Details
Salary ReplacementUp to 70% for employer-paid plans
Weekly BenefitUp to $5,000 per week
DurationUp to 52 weeks
Benefit Waiting PeriodsZero days for accidents, seven for illnesses and pregnancies ― customizable for your group’s needs
Return-to-Work IncentivesFinancial support for employees ready to come back to their jobs
Coverage OptionsNon-occupational or 24-hour
Performance GuaranteeFor groups with at least 1,000 insured employees
ReportingAdministrative claims reports available

Clinical and Claim Support Highlights

Clinical Case Management

Collaborative reviews as needed, including for multiple diagnoses and behavioral health claims.

Behavioral Health Resources

Case managers review claims weekly to identify those who may need services or return-to-work assistance.

Coordinated Decision-Making

Clinical input on complex and behavioral health claims.

Strong Support Ratios

Staffing model that gives nurse and vocational case managers ready access to benefit examiners and analysts.

Key Features & Benefits

Promote Financial Stability

Weekly benefit of up to 70% of salary or flat-rate benefit.

Support Return-to-Work Outcomes

Proactive, holistic approach to disability focuses on helping employees return to work as safely and quickly as possible. 

Health Advocacy

Personal Health Advocates can help claimants with their health care needs.

Get Help With Costs

Use the Reasonable Accommodation Expense Benefit to help with accommodation costs.

Explore Your Options

Health Advocacy Solutions

Health Advocacy Select is a service included with all our Short Term Disability plans for those on an active short-term disability. Employees receiving benefits can meet with Personal Health Advocates for help navigating the health care system. With Health Advocacy Enhanced, all your employees and their family members can access this assistance at any time.3

Hospital Benefits

Choose to provide your employees with optional benefits if they are hospitalized. These include the First Day Hospital Benefit and a Daily Hospital Benefit, which are available with non-contributory coverage only.

Employer FICA Payment and W-2 Tax Reporting

This optional add-on includes W-2 tax form preparation and coverage for the employer portion of Social Security and Medicare taxes on payments made to disabled employees.

More Opportunities for Coverage

Even if you’re not providing Group Short Term Disability insurance, offer your employees the option to buy their own coverage or coverage for their dependents — at group rates.
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