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Paid Family & Medical Leave

Simplify Your Paid Family and Medical Leave

Following federal and state rules for employee leaves and accommodations can be overwhelming. Partner with experts who understand leave compliance and can help you manage employee recovery — so you can focus on your organization's core mission.

Explore the Interactive PFML Map

Each state approaches paid family and medical leave and state disability differently.

Keep track of the latest rules in your state with our interactive PFML map.

Need Help Keeping Track?

Laws continue to evolve across the nation. And states that require PFML may update their benefit amounts regularly. Staying on top of the changes can be a challenge — especially if you have employees in different states. We can help.

Use this calculator with your employees to help them get a quick estimate of their PFML benefit amounts.

Discover an Easier PFML Experience

Rely on our team to manage your end-to-end PFML program. Count on our deep industry knowledge and ability to integrate with our disability insurance and Absence Management Services.

Rely on Our Expertise

Let us take on the burden and help you stay current with federal and state leave compliance.

Approach Absences Holistically

By integrating the PFML, absence and disability claim process, we streamline the experience for staff and employees. 

Harness Real-Time Technology

With simple, real-time reporting of employee leaves, you can stay ahead of staffing gaps. 

Bring It All Together

Lean on Compliance Experts

Count on our knowledge of PFML laws and statutes to:

  • Administer and coordinate PFML on top of other federal and state leaves
  • Help you track and implement benefit program changes
  • Act as a valuable resource for leave and disability compliance
Boost Your Productivity

See how our integrated absence and disability leave management helps you reduce your HR workload by:

  • Managing intermittent leave or multiple leave types at the same time
  • Streamlining and simplifying employee leave management
  • Providing help to comply with tracking and reporting requirements
Improve Absence Outcomes

Benefit from a holistic approach to leave and disability that helps maintain high levels of productivity by:

More Ways to Get Help

Absence Management Services make it easy to track employee leaves like Short Term Disability or Paid Family and Medical Leave. We offer expert help to keep in compliance with all state and federal regulations, while easing the burden on your HR team.

Help your team members stay at work or return sooner with the Workplace PossibilitiesSM program. Onsite support can help reduce the causes of disability, and assist employees with specialized ergonomic and vocational expertise.

Follow Our Paid Family Leave Blog

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As more states pass PFML legislation, employers may want to have one blanket policy that covers all employees. But that could lead to compliance risks because each program has its own nuances. See what’s similar — and what’s not.
What a year 2020 was, right? But with a challenging year comes great learning — and we've learned a lot. We want to carry that momentum into 2021 by bringing you even more helpful content, starting with the challenges facing employers planning for PFML.

Need More Information About PFML?

Contact your broker or call a sales and service specialist at 800.633.8575.
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