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Colorado Paid Family and Medical Leave

Deductions Began Jan. 1, 2023

Benefit Overview

Covered Leaves and Durations

Leave TypeCovered LeaveMaximum Leave Duration
  • Leave taken by a covered individual due to a serious health condition
12 weeks
  • Care for a family member with a serious health condition
  • Military exigency
  • Safe leave
12 weeks
Medical and Family
  • Birth, fostering or adoption of a new child
12 weeks, with an additional 4 weeks for pregnancy or childbirth complications

Weekly Benefit Amount

Benefit Calculation: 

  • 90% of wages that do not exceed 50% of the state’s average weekly wage, plus 
  • 50% of wages that exceed 50% of the state average weekly wage 

Maximum Weekly Benefit: $1,100  

State Average Weekly Wage: $1,421.16 

Waiting Period

There is no waiting period. Benefits are payable as of the first day of covered leave.

Intermittent Leaves

A covered individual will be able to take intermittent leave in increments of either one hour or shorter periods if consistent with the increments the employer typically uses to measure employee leave. 

Benefits will be payable after the covered individual accumulated at least eight hours of PFML insurance benefits.


Who's Covered

Covered Employees

The definition of a “covered individual” includes employees and others who elect coverage, including those who:

  • Earned at least $2,500 in wages subject to PFML premiums during the person’s base period or alternative base period
  • Elect coverage and meet the requirements — such as an employee of a local government that declined to take part in the program or a self-employed person

Family Members

Covered employees may take family leave to care for:

  • A child, regardless of age, including a biological, adopted or foster child; stepchild or legal ward; child of a domestic partner; or a loco parentis relationship 
  • A biological, adoptive or foster parent; stepparent or legal guardian of a covered individual or the covered individuals’ spouse or domestic partner; or a person who stood in loco parentis to the covered person or their spouse or partner
  • A spouse or domestic partner
  • A grandparent, grandchild or sibling (biological, foster, adoptive or step relationship) of the covered individual or their spouse or domestic partner
  • Any other individual with whom the covered individual has a significant bond that is or is like a family relationship


How it Works

Plan Options

Employers may use the state-run plan or offer an approved, privately paid family and medical leave plan. 

The Standard can help you meet or exceed the requirements for a private plan. Learn more about our leave management services.


The state program is funded by a 0.9% payroll tax split evenly between employers and employees through payroll deductions, up to the Social Security taxable wage base of $168,600.

Additional Information Employers Need to Know

This program will provide employment protection to covered employees who work for their current employer for at least 180 days before using PFML benefits. 

More Information

We’ll continue to update this page as legislation develops. You can also get email updates by subscribing to our Paid Family Leave Blog.

If you'd like to see how we can help you comply with leave laws, check out our leave management services. We offer both absence management and benefits administration so you can focus your time where you need it most.


Legislative Activity
May 30, 2023

Colorado’s average weekly wage will be increasing in July 2023. That means that when paid leave benefit payments become available in January 2024, those payments will be based on the new State average. The State’s new average weekly wage will increase to $1,421.16 starting July 1, 2023, an increase of more than $70 from the current average. 

While payments will be based on a higher average in 2024, there will be no change to premiums. Premiums will remain at 0.9% of wages, and employers will still only be allowed to deduct up to 0.45% of that from workers.

May 1, 2023

Great news! The Standard’s Colorado Paid Family and Medical Leave product was the first in the industry to be approved by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. With this approval, The Standard is ready to support our clients with their private plan application.


All information on this page is subject to change as state requirements change.

Calculate PFML Benefits

Use this calculator with your employees to help them get a quick estimate of their PFML benefit amounts.

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