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Explore the PFML Landscape With The Interactive Map

Wondering about the state of paid family and medical leave in different states? We created an interactive map of the U.S. You can use it to see current details on PFML programs and legislation in every state.

See the Big Picture and the Specifics

The interactive map allows you to explore the landscape of PFML legislation across the U.S.:

  • Color-coding lets you see at a glance which states have programs in force, where PFL or PFML legislation has passed, where it’s in progress, or not even proposed.
  • Select each state for a detailed breakdown of its legislation. The PFML map covers every state, including those where programs have been in place for years.

Check Back for State-by-State Updates

We’ll update the PFML map as new state laws get introduced or passed, when in-force legislation changes — and when pending programs go into effect too.

The Standard is committed to being a great resource on paid family and medical leave legislation and trends. Keep checking back here to stay up to date.

Watch This Space

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