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Life and AD&D

Compassionate Help in Tough Times

Count on an empathetic experience when your employees or their families experience a death or physical loss. Filing a claim for Group Life and Group Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance doesn’t have to be difficult.

Get Streamlined Service

In life’s hardest moments, ensure your employees and their loved ones receive compassionate support and streamlined service, including:

  • A specialist dedicated to each claim from start to finish
  • Streamlined, sensitive support from professionals who take part in grief training every year
  • Vetted referrals for grief counseling1
  • Complimentary record research, such as police reports and medical records2

Deliver Flexibility and Valuable Features

Explore how Group Life and Group AD&D insurance can help your team.

Customized Plans

Personalize a plan to fit your business needs.

Terminal Illness Benefit

Employees diagnosed with a terminal illness can request a portion of their Life insurance funds early with our accelerated benefit.

Employees Can Keep Their Coverage

With our right to convert and portability options, qualifying employees can buy coverage from The Standard if they leave their jobs.

Help With Premiums for Disabled Employees

Employees with a total disability may qualify for a waiver of premium for a specific time period.

Family Benefits

If an employee dies due to a covered accident, family members with AD&D insurance may be eligible for higher education, child care or career adjustment benefits.

Offer Extra Services Employees Can Use Now

Your plan may include access to services that can make life and travel easier.

Life Services Toolkit³

Support employees with digital tools to help families plan now and for the future. Group Life beneficiaries receive access to grief counseling, along with online tools to help with funeral planning, and common legal and financial issues for up to 12-months after a death.*

* Services are available up to 12 months after the beneficiary receives a Life claim letter from The Standard.

Travel Assistance³

Give employees and their families ways to travel more securely with Travel Assistance. This service helps employees prepare for trips, replace lost credit cards and passports, or find medical and legal services, anywhere.

AD&D Occupational Assistance³

Employees with AD&D Occupational Assistance can get help returning to work in your organization after an accidental dismemberment, such as a loss of a hand or sight. If that's not possible, we'll assist in a new job search.

Video: How Life Insurance Works

Learn and share the basics of Life insurance with this short video.

Video: AD&D Insurance 101

Share this short video to educate your team on the basics of Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance.

Explore More Ways to Help Employees

Build a sound benefits foundation with Life and AD&D insurance for your employees. Then offer them the option to increase their coverage at group rates — and cover family members. Or give your employees and their families access to Voluntary insurance at group rates, with automatic payroll deductions:

  • Additional Life and AD&D
  • Dependents Life and AD&D
  • Voluntary Group Life
  • Voluntary Group AD&D

Support Your Employees

Help your employees and their families during the hardest times.
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