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Hospital Indemnity

Help Ease the Costs of a Hospital Stay

Financial Support at the Right Time

Help your employees be ready for the unexpected costs that can come with a hospital stay.

A stay in the hospital can leave an employee with unplanned, uncovered expenses. Group Hospital Indemnity insurance can ease that burden by paying cash benefits to the hospitalized employee. 

Employees can use that money for whatever they need during treatment or recovery. This includes copays and deductibles, along with everyday expenses like utilities, groceries and child care.  

Find the Features They’re Looking For

Look for Hospital Indemnity insurance with benefits that can really make a difference when your employees need help most.

Benefits Beyond Health Insurance

Helps with expenses that aren’t covered by medical insurance.

Direct Payments

Pays money to employees, not medical providers.


You can give employees the option to cover children and spouses.

Wide-Ranging Coverage

Covers a range of common reasons for hospitalization, such as childbirth, injury or illness, COVID-19 and mental health conditions.

No Premiums for Extended Stays

Premium is waived for employees hospitalized longer than 30 days.1

Personalize Your Plan

Choose tiers, benefits and options for a plan that fits your team.

Flexible Plan Designs

Select the benefits that work best with your company’s health insurance plan. Our HSA-compatible plans include hospitalization benefits that are flexible to help provide the coverage your employees need. You can also select plans that aren't compatible with an HSA. 

Health Screening Maintenance Benefit

Employees and covered family members can receive cash for annual wellness screenings.* 

* Not available in all states.

Hospital Indemnity Plus

Hospital Indemnity Plus insurance is offered exclusively to hospital system employers. It encourages employees to seek treatment at their employer’s hospital system in order to receive higher benefit amounts.

How Hospital Indemnity Insurance Works

Learn how Hospital Indemnity insurance benefits work for employees.

1. An employee is hospitalized

Health insurance may cover many costs of a hospital stay but may not include unpredictable and often expensive charges.

2. The employee gets a check, directly

Approved claims are paid by check and sent directly to your employee to spend on whatever they need — from medical bills to everyday expenses.

3. The patient can focus on getting better

Extra financial support during a health crisis can help employees focus on what matters most — getting better.

Help Employees Learn the Why and How

Learn and share the basics of Hospital Indemnity insurance with this short video.

Ask Us About Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Help your employees be prepared for the costs of a hospital stay.
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