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Hybrid Dental Care

A Fresh Approach to Dental Care for Your Employees

Hybrid Dental CareSM gives you the comprehensive services of traditional dental insurance — but at rates that can be as much as 55 percent less than our traditional plan rates.1

You'll appreciate the cost-conscious pricing. Your employees will appreciate access to the Ameritas network for high quality dental care.2

Hybrid Dental Care Sample PlanTraditional 100/80/50 Dental Plan

Employers can choose various options that affect overall plan costs. The most cost-effective plan may look like this:

An employee pays the first $250 of dental costs, whether it's to cover a cleaning or a crown.

After that, the plan covers 75 percent of the cost of any covered dental procedure, up to a higher-than-average $2,500 annual maximum benefit.3

Employee does not pay for preventive maintenance (generally two annual checkups and cleanings, annual X-rays and fluoride treatments for kids.)

Employee pays 20 percent of the cost for basic procedures such as fillings and root canals.

Employee pays 50 percent of the cost for major procedures such as crowns and bridges.


Key Features

Hybrid Dental Care - Significant Savings

Significant Savings: Rates as much as 55 percent less than our traditional plan rates, and higher savings when paired with an FSA or HSA.1


Hybrid Dental Care - High Maximum

High Maximum: The plan's $2,500 annual maximum benefit is nearly double the typical $1,500 maximum for traditional plans.3


Hybrid Dental Care - Flexible Plans

Flexible Plans: You can offer this plan as a contributory or non-contributory plan.


Hybrid Dental Care - Straightforward Terms

Straightforward Terms: Hybrid Dental Care features a straightforward plan design that is easy to understand.


Hybrid Dental Care - Expansive Network

Expansive Network: This plan offers access to Ameritas' nationwide network of dental providers.


Hybrid Dental Care - Out-of-Network Options

Out-of-Network Options: Your employees can visit in-network or out-of-network dentists.


Also see our Hybrid Dental Care brochure.

Hybrid Dental Care Options

You can tailor our plans to meet your workforce's specific needs, helping you balance comprehensive coverage with affordability.

Our Dental HMO offers a lower premium option alongside our PPO plans. HMO advantages include fixed, low out-of-pocket costs, no deductibles and no annual benefit limits.

Choose the Right Plan

Need more information about our dental plans? Contact your broker or call your local employee benefits sales and service office at 800.633.8575.
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