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Dental HMO

Because Dental Plans Should Fit More Than One Budget

Give your employees dental coverage options that meet their needs. Our Group Dental plans give you the flexibility to pair a Dental HMO plan with our Preferred Provider options.1 That way your employees can choose the plan that works for them.

With our PPO and DHMO options, you can choose plans that cover routine care, basic and major services, orthodontia and wellness features.2

Standard Insurance Company offers a DHMO option with Liberty Dental Plan to provide plans to our California-based customers. For Florida and Texas, Solstice Benefits provides plans.3

Dental HMO or Dental PPO: What's the Difference for Employees?

CategoriesDental HMODental PPO
Typical Differences
  • Fixed copays
  • Smaller-scale network
  • No annual maximum
  • Deductible and varying coinsurance levels by type of service
  • More expansive network
  • Annual plan maximum
Payroll DeductionsLower costAverage cost
Primary Care DentistDepending on the plan chosen, may or may not be required to choose a network dentist at enrollment Freedom to visit any licensed dentist at any time
SpecialistReferral from primary care dentist usually requiredNo referral required 
Network AccessDentist must be in-networkFreedom to visit dentists in or out of the network
Claim FormsNo claim forms to submitDentist or member submits forms

Give Your Employees Dental Plan Options

Want to learn more about pairing a DHMO with your PPO plan? Contact your broker or consultant. Or give us a call at 800.633.8575.

You can tailor our plans to meet your workforce's specific needs, helping you balance comprehensive coverage with affordability.

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