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Income Protection for High-Earning Employees — and Why It Matters

When it comes to income protection, group long term disability insurance is great for most employees. It provides 40% to 60% of their base salary in the event of a disability, which covers a fair amount of their income needs. This helps most people maintain their standard of living during a difficult time.

But income coverage is often capped, with no protection for incentives or bonus pay. High earners can find themselves with a sizable income protection gap while on disability. That's why adding individual disability insurance on top of an LTD plan is so important for high-earning employees.

Doug Waters, an employee at The Standard, found himself in this very position. When Doug was diagnosed with cancer, he turned to the same benefits he recommended throughout his decades-long career. Watch this video to learn more about Doug’s story and his experience with income protection:



Individual disability insurance on a guaranteed standard issue basis protects the higher income, bonuses, commissions and other incentives high earners depend on. It helps protect key employees from financial disruption if they go out on disability. This insurance can also make your benefits package stand out to high-value employees.

Learn how we can help protect the income of your highly compensated employees with our individual disability insurance options.


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