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Help Employees Cope After an Accident

Many people aren’t prepared for the expenses due to an accident. Accident insurance can help ease that burden.

Help Beyond Health Insurance

Accidents can lead to expenses that aren’t covered by health insurance, such as deductibles, copays, coinsurance and out-of-network treatments. With Group Accident insurance, your employee can get extra financial support to help pay for these expenses. 

Benefits That Empower Employees

Group Accident insurance pays benefits directly to your employees, not their doctors. So they can spend it on the support they need, from medical expenses like copays to everyday expenses like child care.

Copays, Bills and More

Helps pay expenses not covered by health insurance

A Range of Care

Covers a wide range of treatments due to an accident

Direct Payments

Money is sent directly to employees, not medical providers

Extra Support for Youth Sports

Pays an extra 25% of total benefits for injuries during youth organized sports

Your Accident Insurance Options

Three Benefit Levels

Choose from three tiers of benefits: Select, Enhanced and Premier. Each level offers increasing payout amounts.

24-Hour or Off-the-Job Coverage

Get 24-hour accident protection or only cover accidents that happen off the job.

Add More Coverage for Auto Accidents

Include additional payments for injuries caused by automobile accidents.

Health Maintenance Screening Benefit

Extra benefit encourages employees to get yearly preventive wellness screenings.

How Accident Insurance Works

Learn the three simple steps of Accident insurance and how it can fit into your benefits package. 

1. An accident happens

Health insurance covers certain care-related costs after your employee meets a deductible. But there may still be copays and out-of-pocket expenses.

2. Your employee gets a check, directly

When an Accident insurance claim is approved, we send a check directly to the employee, not to their medical providers. The employee can spend it on whatever they need during recovery.

3. Your employee can focus on recovery, not unplanned expenses

With extra financial support, your employee can focus on what matters most – their health.

Video: Help Employees Learn the Why and How

Learn and share the basics of Accident insurance with this short video.

Ask Us About Accident Insurance

Explore how Accident insurance can help your employees manage unexpected costs after an accident.
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