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Participant Services

Help Employees Reach Retirement Readiness

Looking for ways to help employees prepare for retirement? Our resources and tools have been tested for success in a wide range of business settings. Yours could be next.

The Right Tools Can Make a Difference

Guide your employees to tools designed to help them save more for retirement. 

Go Automatic

Help your employees reach better retirement outcomes with:

  • Automatic enrollment 
  • Auto escalation 
  • Automatic rebalancer
Offer a Managed Account Service

Give employees the option to choose a personalized savings and investment plan. Mainspring, our managed account service, helps them plan based on their tolerance for risk, savings goals and other individual factors.

See how Mainspring can help move the needle on retirement readiness.

Socialize Our Calculators

Educate and Engage

Make sure your employees get the information they need to actively participate in your plan.  

Customized Enrollment Website

It’s easy for your employees to quickly enroll in your plan or increase their contribution. They can make these changes from any device on our interactive educational site.

Personal Savings Center

For participants, the Personal Savings Center is their go-to place for savings information. They can get online anytime to track their progress and use planning tools.

Prepare Employees for Retirement

Contact your advisor or relationship manager about how The Standard can help your employees prepare for retirement.
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